Xplorer Wheat Vodka

Our Wheat Vodka is produced from North American Winter Wheat procured from the mid-west and fermented and distilled to a silky smooth and neutral profile. Excellent for all cocktails and ‘better tasting than expensive imports’ according to consumers Xplorer Wheat Vodka was awarded the Platinum Medal at the 2017 SIP Awards and the Silver Medal in the Grain-to-Glass Vodka category at the American Distilling Institute’s 2017 Annual Judging of Craft Spirits.

We use Winter Wheat or Central Pennsylvania Potatoes for our Vodka production. Ground Wheat or Potato flour is missed into a tank holding hot water; the carbohydrates absorb the water and release the sugars. Yeast is added to the “mash” which makes the Yeast multiply in presence of sugars. The by-product of their multiplication results in the release of Ethyl Alcohol, Carbon Dioxide and a very tiny amount of other alcohols. The Carbon Dioxide escapes into the air, and at the end of fermentation (lasting between 3-5 or 7 days) the mash is transferred to a still and heated. The heat causes the Ethyl Alcohol to raise together with water vapor resulting in increasing concentration of the Ethyl Alcohol. At Xplorer Spirits, we distill our Vodka 12 x to achieve an exceptionally smooth Vodka (40% ABV/80 proof).

Nose:  Caramel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Light Herbaceous, Crisp Mint, Grainy, Wood

Palate:  Vanilla, Creamy, Sweet Grains, Lemon Peel, Herbal, Minty, Wintergreen, Hazelnut, Peppery, Black Pepper, Mineral, Wet Stone, Smooth, Clean

Finish: Peppery, Clean, Lightly-spicy, Whipped Cream, Creamy, Citrus, Soft, Smooth, Silky, Delicate