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Xplorer Bourbon (High Rye)

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Xplorer Bourbon Whiskey (High Rye) is produced exclusively from North American Corn, Rye & Malt, distilled and aged to perfection for an ultra-smooth taste.

Appearance: Warm, see through Amber, with a glint of Orange.

Nose: Caramel, butterscotch, toffee. brown sugar, maple, honey, peanut brittle, corn, ripe banana, tropical fruit, pear, red apple, green apple, mint, dried herbs, cinnamon, toasted pine, oak, wood, pleasant.  

Palate: Caramel, buttery, maple, wildflower honey, pineapple, licorice, anise, rye, cereal, pepper, black pepper, sour wormwood, mineral, oak, old wood, woody, sherry, mint, balanced, smooth.

Finish: Apple, fruity, licorice, spicy, tobacco, leather, tannic, wood, oak, creamy, rich, zesty, round, pleasant, great.